Living Your Dream - full HD photo movie

Living Your Dream is the true life story of a life changing breathtaking journey from Brussels to Cape Town.

When Petra returned a stranger's call (my call) in October 1994, neither of us realised that this seemingly insignificant action would change the course of our lives forever.

Ever since, we are living our dream, strongly believing that when you really want to do something, you must do it, and that when an opportunity comes your way, you must grab it.

We all have a dream, mine was to explore East Africa.

Imagine living, working & sleeping in 4 cubic meters for 4 years while travelling from Belgium to South Africa...

Imagine being the only vehicle (and people) in one of the largest national parks in Africa, the size of my birth country, Belgium...

Imagine crossing sensitive borders with a fortune of hi-tech equipment, including 20 modems, in a metal chest on the roofrack of the Landy...

Imagine not seeing another vehicle for 7 days while covering 2000 km through central-east Africa...

If you dream about doing something, go for it.


Watch the first episode of Living Your Dream... then the second episode in a few days... then the third one... and so on until the end... they are 10 episodes...

...or better, you can not wait and you want to watch the whole movie in the comfort of your lounge on your big led-tv screen...



The full HD photo movie Living Your Dream is 66 min long and the mp4 file is 1.6 Gb.

Published Date: 02 Oct 2013

Petulia Williamson on 01 Sep 2013

Most captivating, intriguing, thought provoking website. Paul what an inspiration to kids and for all. There so much we take for granted in our lives. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration that we dream we can do  and do whatever we set our minds to.

Thomas on 02 Nov 2013

I love your stuff so much, what a beautifull story!!!
Looking forward to get more from you.

You so right to go forward to the own dreams...

Best regards


Veronia Ryan on 16 Dec 2013

Interesting and inspiring.

Veronica Ryan

Rani Ryan on 16 Dec 2013

Interesting and inspiring.

Veronica Ryan

Jo Kearney on 25 Apr 2014

Absolutely insane but totally 'out there' and exciting!
Must have been awesome.


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