WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards

Finalists for the 2016 African Responsible Tourism Awards have been announced!

Chair of the Judging Panel, Dr Harold Goodwin, reflected on the finalists, "From accessible leisure activities to truly empowering people practices, from co-management of conservation areas to revival of a traditional dance form – the Shortlist has a lot to say about where responsible tourism on the continent is, and where it is going next.”

Find out about the trailblazers who are setting the bar for the future of tourism in Africa and be inspired by their vision. 

Finalists and Sponsors, African Responsible Tourism Awards 2016.

I am very proud to sponsor the price for the overall winner in Responsible Tourism, in partnership with Better Tourism Africa.

We hope to see you at the awards ceremony at 16h30 on Thursday, 7 April at WTM Africa to share in celebrating their remarkable achievements.

Source: www.bettertourismafrica.org
Published Date: 07 Apr 2016


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