Flower Landscape & Macrophoto Workshop + Lightroom - West Coast National Park - Postberg Flower Reserve - Sep 2016

Say it with flowers...

I was lucky to spend half a day last week in the West Coast National Park, especially in the Postberg Flower Reserve where the flowers were absolutely magnificent!

Thus I would like to invite you for a 1-day excursion to that beautiful place and combine it with a follow-up workshop on LightRoom.

This type of workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants in order to be effective and ensure personal attention (minimum 3 people).

This workshop is for beginners/amateurs and will cover creative and technical aspects of macro and landscape photography, including :

  • overview of macro gear : lens, flash, tripod, focusing rail, macro ring & bellow, articulated arm...
  • technical side of macro : aperture, depth of field (DOF), lighting
  • focusing : with your body, with the back button, auto/manual
  • composition : background, light & colour
  • effects : soft focus, movement...
  • macro challenges & problem solving
  • field practise, of course, and a lot of assistance

I promise you that after the workshop you will have a new pair of eyes trained to see and capture the landscape and the macroscopic world differently!

Participants need to bring their own camera, ideally equipped with a macro lens.  A tripod, flashes & macro gear are welcome too.  A laptop with Adobe Photoshop LightRoom will be needed for the follow-up workshop.

Dates are open and will depend on the weather forecast, as most daisy flowers only shine under the sun ;)

photo photo


  • Dates : any day from now with good forecast + follow-up workshop on LightRoom to be defined
  • Departure : Somerset West or Cape Town depending on participants
  • Location : West Coast National Park
  • Time in Park : 10 am to 5 pm
  • Group : min 3 - max 6 people + myself
  • Price : R1450 pp
  • Includes : transport, park fee, lunch, flower 1-day workshop on location + follow-up 1/2-day workshop on LightRoom

photo photo 

Published Date: 06 Sep 2016

Barbara Du Toit on 06 Sep 2016

Please provide me with the date. I need to check if I can slot it in between work commitments. Thanks Barbara

Paul Godard on 08 Sep 2016

So far they are 5 people interested, including you #barbaradutoit.  I am working on a date that will suit most people.


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